Circuit Training


This is a Sample of Circuit Training (Underage but can be adapted for Adult)



Warm Up

1 mins Jog & Dodge Forwards

1 mins Jog & Dodge Backwards

Head to toe mobility

2 x 10 Partner Squats

2 x 10 Single leg Partner Squats (each leg)]

Head to toe stretch




Circuit Stations

1. 5m side shuffles (each side) – 5m

2. Spiderman Crawl 10m

3. Walking Lunge 10m

4. Sit Ups

5. High Knees 10m

6. Duck Walk 10m

7. Speed Squats

8. Backward Lunge 10m

9. Ab Crunches

10. Lateral High Knees 10m

11. Accelerate/Decelerate Forward 10m back 5m

12. Press Ups

13. 3 x 4m cone agility drill

14. Squat Jumps

U14 2 x 30 secs each station

U15 3 x 30 secs each station

U16 4 x 30 secs each station


This session is a sample session and should be adjusted to suit individuals, only physically active and healthy individuals should attempt the above, and should stop immediately if feeling unwell or experience any pain.


Shamrocks GAA Club, January 2012