Hurling Drills

Conditioned/Modified Hurling Games



Conditioned/Modified Game 1.


–    One/two/three pitches from sideline to sideline, with small goals, depending on numbers. If 30 players then 3 pitches. ( Middle pitch may have goalies who don’t move, with full size goals)


–     Two teams of 5/6 players in each game.


–     Team must hold possession for 6 passes. Player cannot pass ball back to player  who passed it.


–    Once 6 passes completed, can then try to score a goal.


–    Matches last 3/4 mins. One team then moves to next pitch, so playing different opposition.


–    Each team plays 3 games.


–    (Can be handpass only, stickpass only, one followed by another etc)


–    Emphasis on keeping possession/ regaining possession/ finding space/ movement off the ball/ heads up hurling.




Conditioned game 2.


–  4 x 2 minute games.(1/2 mins recovery after each)


–  Sideline to sideline with a small goal at either end.


–  First pitch is from the endline to the 14. Very restricted space. If enough players, could have two games going, one at either end of the field. (eg 28 – 32 players, then 4 teams of 7/8 a side. Otherwise, nothing wrong with 6/12 a side in the one pitch).


–  Because of the lack of space, emphasis is on holding possession of the ball; heads up hurling to see what options are available; trying to support the man in possession; trying to create space when there appears to be none available.


–  Players can only handpass the ball, but not back to the man who gave it to them.


–  Aim is to put 6 passes together (1 point) or work the ball up the field to score a goal. (2 points)


–  There may very well be no score, ball going out of play continuously, regular breakdown, high number of errors being made etc. Coach needs to emphasise what the objectives are, and how important it is not to give the ball away cheaply).


–  After 2 mins, pitch is extended, from the endline to the 21. Goalie at either end moves the goals on the sideline accordingly.


–  After a further 2 mins, pitch is extended from the endline to the 45.


–  Final 2 mins, pitch is extended from the endline to the 65. Now appears to be a lot more space. Players may be allowed in games 3 and 4 to strike or pass the ball with the hurley.





Conditioned game 3.


–    Backs and forwards with two games in progress, one at either end (depending on numbers)


–    Only three forwards can score. Forwards know this and are told which players are allowed to score.


 –    Backs don’t know and aren’t told.


–    Twelve balls contested, and forwards aim to get as many scores as possible in that time.





Conditioned game 4.


– Players can only strike the ball from the hand if it’s first caught cleanly in the air.


– Otherwise, players must either rise and strike, without taking the ball in their hand,  or strike the ball on the ground.


– Puckouts are taken from the hand.


– Any ball caught cleanly in the air, from a puckout, ball bouncing in front of him, from a stickpass or handpass from another player can be struck from the hand.


–  Emphasis is on catching the ball cleanly, and fast transfer of the ball.


– No soloing permitted in the game.


– Game can be backs and forwards, or 10/12 or 15 a side, or can be played sideline to sideline, depending on age, numbers, player ability etc.






Conditioned game 5.


– Backs and forwards with midfielders.


– Player can only strike or pass the ball in the direction he’s facing.


– Trying to encourage full forward line to lay off ball to other players outside and half forwards/ midfielders to support the player in possession.





Conditioned game 6.


– Three second rule.


– Player in possession has three seconds to get rid of the ball, or the ball is turned over to the opposition


– Once player wins possession, coach starts a 1-2-3 count.


– Player must scan the field and make quick decisions on how best to use the ball.


–  Can play as part of a possession game or in backs and forwards or full game mode.


Shamrocks GAA, Jan 2012