U12 HL V Passage – 25/6


Passage 6-8, Shamrocks 2-6


Shamrocks and Passage played in the sunshine in Passage on Friday night and Passage were well worth the victory. They were much the better team in the first half and led 5-5 to 0-2 and never really gave Shamrocks a chance to get into the game. The sleectors asked for a more committed second half performance and that’s what they got; despite not being within a chance of winning the game, the lads were much better in the second half and pleased the Shamrocks selectors with their attitude. The lads never gave up and showed what a bit of heart in a team can do. Well done also to John Herlihy who refereed the game.


Panel: C. O’Donovan, C. Gregson, N. Kearney/O’Sullivan, B. O’Mahony, K. Maye, C. Lynch, L. Jordan, D. Herlihy, E. Browne, J. Bartlett, H. O’Leary, D. Herlihy, Z. Johnson, C. O’Neill




U12 HL V Passage, 25/5/18. Back row, l to r: N Kearney/O’Sullivan, L. Jordan, J. Bartlett, K. Maye, C. Gregson, Z. Johnson, E. Browne. Front: D. Herlihy, H. O’Leary, B. O’Mahony, C. O’Donovan, C. O’Neill, C. Lynch, D. Herlihy


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