U16 HL V Grenagh – 7/8


Grenagh 8-14, Shamrocks 9-7


A defeat for the Shamrocks lads in the league on Sunday morning in a high scoring game. It was 10 a side as Grenagh only had 10 and it was tiring conditions for all players who ran themselves to a standstill over the hour and as one can imagine, it was a very open game.


The HT score was Grenagh 3-6, Shamrocks 4-4 and Grenagh played better hurling into the strong breeze and scored enough. Well done to all players.


Team: E. Seymour, J. Sisk, C. Murphy, D. O’Flaherty, D. O’Mahony, C. Hayes, M. Sisk, S. Downey, L. O’Driscoll, H. Andrews, Nikita, D. Allen.


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