Minor Co CFL Semi Final – 10/10


Shamrocks 5-8, Kildorrery 2-7


Shamrocks are into the County C League Final after this win over the visitors to Shanbally on Saturday evening.


A strong breeze blew straight up the pitch and Shamrocks played with it in the first half. They would want a few points lead such was its strength but they got more than they bargained for. They scored 4 goals in the first half and dominated possession and could have had even more points. David O’Sullivan scored two goals, one from the penalty spot, David Andrews drilled home another and Andrew O’Grady finished off a 45 yard run with another unstoppable shot. Mark Hitchmough and Andrews had scored the Shamrocks points. Kildorrery themselves scored a penalty just before halftime to just about keep themselves in touch. HT score read Shamrocks 4-4, Kildorrery 1-1.


Whatever chance Kildorrery had of staging a comeback evaporated straight after halftime as Darragh Scriven scored another Shamrocks goal. David O’Sullivan and David Andrews slotted over some more points and the game was effectively over. Kildorrery did keep plugging away and mounted a comeback of sorts with a goal and a couple of points but Mark Hitchmough and Shane Downey from a close in free kept Shamrocks ticking over and  the game was out of reach of Kildorrery long before the end.


So Shamrocks are through to the Co League Final at this grade, details of which will be announced as soon as we know. They have also to play Lee Gaels in the East Final at a later date. So after a layoff since July, the Minors have some important games to look forward to in the next few weeks – training continues. There was a great turnout of players for this game as well.


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