JAHL V Valley Rovers – 25/5


Valley Rovers 1-17, Shamrocks 0-11


From a Shamrock perspective this was a ‘Jeckyl & Hyde game’ and the bad man was in control in the opening half. One couldn’t imagine such a poor display with the host club leading 0-12 to 0-2 at halftime. Then the good man stepped in for round two and a transformation occurred which had our opponents on the back foot for the remainder of the game. Shamrocks scored nine smashing points and if Lady Luck was kinder a few goals could have been included as well.


To win and to achieve success, the will, desire and ambition must be on top of the agenda from the throw-in. Victory only comes to those who are fearless and who will never settle for failure and defeat.


Johnny Tuohy led the charge and showed what true grit and courage will achieve. Great to see Mark Hitchmough make his debut garnished with a beautiful point. Can we have more of this please with all putting their shoulders to the wheel from the first whistle. We have all the requirements but, please lads, show it on the pitch

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