U16 HL V Ballinora – 27/4


Ballinora 2-13, Shamrocks 3-8


Again a make shift team played a match and Lost  league points but  … A great sportsman once said that “the sweetness of victory, only tastes as good when compared to the bitterness of defeat”.


 I want to thank everyone who gave a hundred percent on the night. You showed me a character that every team needs, and you have it.  


We have work to do, but if you would just believe in yourselves and work to attain your goals, we  can achieve what I said we could at the start of the season. 


The way the matches are broken up with hurling then football is unavoidable. Every team has the same fixtures, same problems!


A question to the players   ….. Can you give more? I want all of the footballers back in the fold.


Hurling or football we are one team, and we will train together


WE have training at Two on Saturday in Shanbally… FIT or UNFIT if your interested turn up … 


 If your not available let me know early, we can change it if there are too many missing..



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