U14 HL V Lee Gaels – 30/4


Lee Gaels 6-5, Shamrocks 3-11


Shamrocks and Lee Gaels (Dripsey & Gleann na Laoi) played out a very enjoyable and entertaining game of hurling in Shanbally on Thursday evening before the visitors took home the league points after a great effort from the Shamrocks lads.


It was an up and down game for the most part. Shamrocks were on fire inside the first 10 minutes and raced into a 0-6 to 0-0 lead mainly through the strong play of Sean Browne and midfield (he has really improved) and Seán Andrews. However, once the Lee Gaels players started to get the ball into their excellent full forward, Lee Gaels began to get on top. He was unstoppable and actually scored all Lee Geals scores, including 4-2 by halftime. Shamrocks had scored a beautiful goal through Harry Andrews and were led at HT by 4-2 to 1-8.


Straight after the restart the same Lee Gaels player had another 2 goals, they led by 8 points playing with the wind and this game was as good as over we all thought. But this Shamrocks team took a giant step forward in the second half by really showing their fighting spirit for the first time on a hurling pitch. They got stuck in and they got to grips with the Gaels player who was eventually forced out the field to look for the ball. The backs in particular were outstanding. In the meantime, all the other players were working hard and Shamrocks managed to score 2 goals at the other end and were unlucky not to grab a draw in the end of a pulsating finish.


This game featured the first ever one-on-one hurling penalties at our pitch and one was sent wide and the other was saved resulting in a point. It was great to see 15 players togged out for hurling once again. The lads are now playing competitive hurling on a more regular basis, its not often a team scores 3-11 at u12 level and still end up losing. Next game is away to Whitescross next Thursday.


Team: C. Hourihan, E. Seymour, J. Sisk, A. McSweeney, D. O’Flaherty, M. Sisk, S. Browne, H. Andrews, S. Andrews, R. Van Pelt, S. Geary, L. O’Driscoll, D. Gregson, F. Herlihy, A. Maye.


Seán Browne solos away against Lee Gaels, 30/4/15

Seán Browne solos away against Lee Gaels, 30/4/15


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