U16 FL V Carraig na bhFear – 22/3


Carraig na bhFear 9-8, Shamrocks 3-5


Team  : Shane Flavin, James Lynam, Cathal Murphy, Daniel O’ Mahony, Nikita Zigunuv, Evan Seymour, Cillian Hayes, James O’ Callaghan, Shane Downey, Ruairi Mehigan, Dave O’ Sullivan, Dylan O’ Flaherty.  Used subs:  Jody Sisk, Cillian O’ Mahony and Seán Andrews. Injured: Adam O’Keeffe, Seán O’Farrell, Sam Geary, Seán Browne and Luke O’Driscoll.



I know I sound like a stuck record but once again the scoreline is misleading. A spirited first half showing by all players,( Most playing in unfamiliar positions) was spoiled in the second half by our lack of stamina and fight in defense. The opposition finally wore down our tireing young players and for the last couple of minutes seemed to waltz through our lines un opposed.


My heart goes out to one young man who volunteered to take the job of Goalkeeper for the football. I will say this, that again, he above all others can hold his head high for putting up a great fight. The best generals in the world would not stand up to the wave after wave of attack the he endured. It takes a mighty man to stand between the posts as he does, knowing unless the players in front of him click he is the only and last line of defence. We will once again take a lesson from this and improve another little bit.. One step at a time.. Thank you all for the effort… Next time we play football we will be better…




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