JAHL V Tracton – 4/5


Tracton 3-8, Shamrocks 1-10


This was a game that Shamrocks lost rather than Tracton won. Unfortunately we had a number of players who performed well below par and early scores were easily conceded. Tracton led 2-4 to 0-8 at the break.
Tracton made a very positive start to the second half recording 1-3 to no score. Shamrocks, however, improved in the final quarter but some bad and indecisive shooting saw the opportunity of many points being lost.
Credit must be given to Brian Sweeney, Jason Browne, Seanán Collins, Colin Brady and Coby O’Grady, all of whom put in sterling performances. Hurling training this week on Tuesday and Thursday evening, 7.30pm.
Team: M. O’Neill, J. Browne, C. Brady, S. Andrews, S. Kidney, B. Sweeney, B. Mulqueen, D. O’Neill, C. O’Grady, S. Collins, C. Scriven, R. Murphy, F. O’Neill. Subs – D. Hayes, C. Kidney, R. Twomey, P. Andrews.



Coby O'Grady goes high V Tracton, 4/5/14

Coby O’Grady goes high V Tracton, 4/5/14


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