JAFL V Courcey Rovers – 19/8


Courcey Rovers 2-7, Shamrocks 0-9


Shamrocks made the journey to Ballinspittle to play the home side in their penultimate league game.


The fact that both teams were out of both league and championship contention meant that the game was played at a leisurely, almost pedestrian pace where the objective of just getting the game played was foremost in everyone’s mind.


The referee was a no show and the game was a 13 a side affair, until the second half when it became 14 a side. Courcey Rovers slipped in for 2 goals in the 1st half and led 2-4 to 0-5 at the break – Cannice Caffrey, Seanán Collins, Dave Hayes and Michael Prout getting on the Shamrocks scoreboard.


The second half was played out at the same pace and Courceys held on; Fergus O’Neill at one stage made a spectacular black on a Courcies forward and it was the talk of the locker room afterwards. Brian Sweeney kicked a few scores before the stand in referee blew the final whistle much to everyones relief!


Shamrocks players who made the journey were F. O’Neill, S. Andrews, A. Hickey, D. O’Neill, B. Mulqueen, M. Prout, A. McCarthy, C. Caffrey, J. Wilson, S. Collins, D. Hayes, S. Keane, S. Downey, B Sweeney.


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