Underage/Girls Football Christmas Disco – 30/11

There was a huge crowd of parents and their children in Pfizers Sports club last Friday night for the Christmas Disco. This was easily our biggest ever crowd, with well in excess of 100 people and augurs well for 2013.


We hope that the kids had a great night and we hope to see them involved with the club in 2013, with the support of their parents of course. It was a very good way to build up for Christmas but next week its back to the Academy; we’re on in the NMCI next Friday and the following Friday before we break for Christmas.


Thanks to anyone who got involved in the organising in particular Susan O’Mahony of the Girls Football and Socket of the Underage.





Some of the lads recieve certs at the Disco, attended by over 100 children. Darragh O’Leary, Killian O’Mahony and Daniel O’Mahony at the back and in front Luke O’Driscoll, Seán Browne and Jody Sisk



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