MFL V Aghinagh – 23/8

Aghinagh 5-18, Shamrocks 1-6


A very frustrating and humbling night for underage football in the club. Aghinagh made the trip to Shanbally and absolutely blew away the challenge of the Shamrocks Minors (a young minor team, down a couple of players on the night it must be said). Still though.


The gap between the teams was evident after 5 minutes when Aghinagh led 0-6 to 0-0 and basically, the first 45 minutes of the game was shooting practice for the visitors. Their speed of play and thought was way too much for Shamrocks and its hard to fathom how so many players have gone backwards in so short a time.


The halftime score was 2-12 to 0-2 and at this stage Aghinagh were being told to kick to ball over the bar. This was in part due to a great display of goalkeeping by David Raleigh in the Shamrocks goal. He made stop after stop and only for him, it could easily have been 11 or 12 goals. When the score was 5-16 to 0-2, Aghinagh took off their best players at the midway point in the second half and moved their corner forward, who was doing absolute wreak to the Shamrocks backs throughout and was having a great time, into goal. This along with the Shamrocks mentors regigging the team meant that the last 15 or so minutes was more even and meant that the referee didnt have to blow it up early.


Roy Twomey was the only Shamrocks player who threathened the scoreboard, he scored 1-5 of the 1-6.


Championship coming up on Sunday September 2nd.


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