Match Centre - September 7, 2020 - 6:30 pm

U14 Hurling League 

Shamrocks Shamrocks


Match Details

A brilliant game of hurling ended with Shamrocks winning the Shield competition in D3. As the dust settles, on last night it will, without doubt, go down as probably one of the best games played in years. Tracton to be fair, threw everything at the boys and how they responded was nothing short of phenomenal. Other teams would have cracked, lost their nerve and thrown in the towel but the boys collectively showed massive determination, grit and skill to haul themselves back into the game, draw level and win it. Also, a little bit of luck was needed and, to be fair, this bunch had it well coming to them, as they have played with great heart and skill since their u10 days.

From our point of view, all Shamrocks did was guide and facilitate the lads and it was an absolute pleasure to work with each and everyone of them. They did themselves, their families, Shamrocks and the locality proud tonight. These boys have more great days ahead and must keep hurling in the years ahead! Na Seamróga abú!