CLG Na Seamroga -Update from Hon. Sec. 19/01/2021—Liam O’Seanacháin.


A Chairde,

I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy. We can see a light at the end of this tunnel with the onset of the Vaccine Programme. We wish the Government would make someone accountable for it, speed it up and set a faster timeline for its delivery.

The process we had to replace our physical AGM occurred with very little effect on where we currently are. No Nominations for any positions came in, so all the outgoing Officers who indicated their willingness to continue remain in situ.

The position of Chairman has not been filled. This is very disappointing so far, but the search goes on. Where will we find someone with the vision and leadership skills to take on our proud Club? That person will be surrounded and helped and supported by a very dedicated Exec. Committee. This can be a very rewarding challenge for any Club Member, male or female, young or old. The running of the Club is a very structured process—the wheel doesn’t have to be invented!—Whereas some of us on the Exec. Comm. have asked a few individuals to consider it, without success, we do feel it is everyone’s responsibility to assist in the search. We are also currently hindered by not being able to meet in person, with the restrictive measures in place. Still, we must continue to make every effort, as a whole Club, to find a solution to this dilemma. Consult with everyone and we will solve it successfully.

We had two submissions to the AGM process: one from a player proposing that Selection teams in both Hurling and Football consist of 3 only, as it was felt that 5 was too cumbersome on the sideline to make good,fast decisions. There is a lot of support for that idea; both sets of Selectors for the coming year have been identified, so final ratification by the Executive hasn’t occurred yet. Both Managers have a huge input to this.Discuss.

The second submission was from a very involved person in the Club who gave observations on various aspects of the Club. These were discussed among the Exec. and a reply from the Club was issued to that person, where all the issues were addressed. 2 of the main points were (a) provision of a Ball Wall and All-Weather surface with Floodlighting. All agreed this would be a massive project, which would involve a great amount of Planning, Fundraising, accessing Grants from various Bodies etc. In reality it is a 2-3 year project. There is no way the Executive members could take on this. This would need a young and enthusiastic Group with vested interests; eg :Players or Members with families and children involved in the Club, from all branches of the Club, i. e. Ladies Football, Underage and Main Adult Club. (b) Worrying about the age-profile of the Exec. and a yearning for a younger profile and hoping for ‘New Blood’ to come on board in the Management of our Club. I’m sure we all would like to see this happening. I would say the ages of the Exec. Comm. Range mainly through the 70’s, 60’s and 50’s…massive experience, but would be more than happy to pass on the baton to a younger generation.

We had a Report from both the Chairman,Adrian Glossop, and Secretary,Pa Andrews, of our Amalgamated Clubs called Diarmaid O Murchus concerning u21, Minor and U 16. The bad news was that we had no Hurling in any of those age groups. There is a serious problem re Numbers playing Hurling, which will have to be addressed urgently.


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