JAHL V Tracton – 13/4


Tracton 2-14, Shamrocks 0-9


Another sizeable defeat for our Junior Hurlers, who could have won this one if their shooting was better and an opening half hour to match the second half.


Some players were playing their first game of the season and we had some regulars unavailable. This enabled other players to enter the fray from the start. But start is the operative word and we were very slow to get into the pace and thrust of the game for most of the opening period. Tracton had a fine team in action and they hurled with hunger, skill, force and determination.

In the second half Shamrocks were now beginning to incorporate these characteristics and what a difference it made. Some poor finishing around the Tracton goalmouth and the lack of a reliable freetaker made an attainable victory unlikely. Our finishing lacked the killer instinct. It was disappointing to see so many fine chances go wayward.


The older the wine, the better, and this was surely true of outstanding centre back Senan Collins who led and hurled with great gusto and determination, registering some great long range points as well. Our younger players will need some time to upgrade and adjust to traditional Junior hurling which was typical of their Tracton opponents.


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