Nathan Kirwin Trust – 13/10


Shamrocks provided the staging venue for the 5k race and walk organised by the Nathan Kirwin Trust Committee from Currabinny. Sunday morning October 13th was a perfect day with a very large attendance showing their goodwill and support for this very worthy cause.


The large group of participants started at the entrance to Pairc Tadgh O-Ainnlaoi at 11am on a route that took them through Shanbally, Coolmore, Raheens, Barnahaley and Ringaskiddy. The finishing line was 100 metres inside the entrance to the Club.


Full credit to all the people who took part, fully tuned athletes, ladies and men, teenagers, grandparents and lively parents pushing trollies and go-cars containing another generation. All those people were truly splendid.


It was a great day for the organisers, who put so much preparatory work into this deserving event. The Shamrock Club were only too pleased to play their part and as an added gesture, Club Chairman Mr. Pat McCarthy, on behalf of the Club, presented a donation to the fund.


The whole exercise demonstrated what community effort and spirit can do and the people of Currabinny can take a bow for a job well done. Hopefully there will be other great fund-raising days for them as they strive to meet their target.






The following was received since from Mr. Neil Welch on behalf of the organising Committee.


“I would like to thank the Shamrock Club most sincerely for making all the Club’s fantastic facilities available for the 5K run yesterday.
It was great to be able to have Pat and the other Club members helping out;  it made the event very easy to run.
Last but not least we were thrilled to receive the Club’s most generous donation.
Wishing your Club every success.”
Signed….Neil Welch.

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