Minor B Hurling Championship Semi Final V Ballygarvan – 13/8

Ballygarvan 7-15, Shamrocks 2-5


Shamrocks got their expected heavy defeat from a slick Ballygarvan in the Minor hurling Championship. These two teams played each other in the league during the week and the sad fact from that game was that this game was always going to go the same way. Make no mistake, this is a strong Ballygarvan hurling team and they had fellas all the way from goalkeeper, to corner back to corner forward who could hurl. Their striking, first touch and their catching in particular were in complete contrast to some of the Shamrocks players, some who dont have many of the basics. While the Shamrocks lads played their heart out and must be commended for that, they simply dont do enough of hurling and therefore results like the above are inevitable. However, if this bunch of lads can be kept together up to at least u21 with way more emphasis on hurling, they can form the nucleaus of our Junior team for years to come.


Ballygarvan had the game wrapped up after 13 minutes as they fed their lethal corner forward plenty of ball and he did as he liked; Shamrocks had no answer to him and had 4 goals and 3 points to his name before Shamrocks knew what was happening. However, they stuck with it; never giving up, and playing with the strong breeze managed to notch up 2-3 by halftime, the goals from Sean O’Brien and an absolute beauty from Tony O’Mahony along with points from Rory Horgan and Roy Twomey. But it was a damage limitation exercise really at this stage and everyone knew it. The HT score was 5-8 to 2-3 in favour of Ballygarvan, who were turning to pay with the strong enough breeze.


The second half, apart from a few Shamrocks attacks which yielded points for Rory Horgan and Tony O’Mahony again, was shooting practice for Ballygarvan and the game petered out to its inevitable end.


Team: J. O’Driscoll, P. Barry, J. Raleigh, C. Cusack, C. Kidney, J. O’Brien, R. Twomey, S. Horgan, S. O’Brien, R. Horgan, T. O’ Mahony, D. Kelleher, L. Garvey.


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