U11 Football Blitz – 14/7

Thanks to all who helped out with the hosting of the very successful U11 football blitz in Shanbally last Thursday
between Passage, Cobh & Shamrocks. The three teams were very evenly matched and some excellent performances were given on all sides.


Special thanks to all the parents who helped out by providing refreshments to all the teams and parents. The kitchen was in full swing and the teams were well fed and looked after. Thanks also to Sid Kidney who refereed all the matches. He received compliments from all sides for his handling of the games even though he brought some rugby rules into play. We had to tell him that the ball was round and the
correct shape. He also was informed that any time the ball was passed forward that is was not a foul. Thanks to Jed and Dick for looking after our own lads.
This team has great potential and are being well trained by these two lads.


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