Non Exam Football League V Kanturk – 17/5


Shamrocks 3-7, Kanturk 6-11


A high scoring win for our visitors to Shanbally after a long trek South. Shamrocks had missed out on their first game the week before while Kanturk had played their game so they were that bit sharper at the start. So much so that they scored 4 goals inside the first 10 minutes to effectively end the game there and then. Shamrocks tried manfully throughout the remainder of the game but found the gap way too much, but they never gave up nevertheless. Kanturk led 4-5 to 2-2 at halftime and ran out comfortable winners in the second half. Shamrocks goals came from Damien Kelleher with two and Tony O’Mahony. Team: C. O’Mahony, A. Dunne, C. Walter, S. O’Brien, P. Barry, T. O’Mahony, J. Raleigh, R. Horgan, R. Twomey, D. Kelleher, S. Horgan, J. Lynch.


Shamrocks later withdrew from this competition due to lack of numbers. The above game was their only outing.


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