Fixtures 2018

Upcoming Fixtures :


Junior A Football League & Championship
      Date      Opponents         Venue      Competition     Result           Score
 Sun 4th Feb  Courcey Rovers  Ballinaspittle League  Draw  Shamrocks 1-11
Courcey Rovers 2-8
 Sun 11th Feb  Carrigaline  Carrigaline League Loss  Shamrocks 0-6  Carrigaline 2-11
 Thurs Feb 15th Ballygarvan Ballygarvan League Loss  Shamrocks 3-12  Ballygarvan 7-06
 Wed May 16th Tracton Minane League Loss

Tracton 1-12   Shamrocks 1-11

 Mon May 21st  Ballinhassig  Ballinhassig  League  Won  
 Fri May 25th   Belgooly   Home  League  7.15pm  
 Thurs Jun 7th  Ballymartle  Home  League  8pm  
 Fri July 6th Tracton   Carrigaline   Champ R1 Loss  Shamrocks 0-09 Tracton 2-08 
 Fri July 20th  Ballinhassig Ballygarvan  Champ R2  Win Shamrocks 0-12 Ballinhassig 1-07
 Thur 16th Aug Tracton  Carrigaline Champ R3  Win Shamrocks 4-09 Tracton 3-10 
Tues Sept 18th Valley Rovers Ballygarvan Champ S/F  Loss  Shamrocks 0-10 Valley Rovers 1-08



Junior A Hurling League & Championship
Date Opponents Venue  Competition   Result Score
Mon 2nd April Kinsale Kinsale S/E League   Postponed on April 2nd.
Sun 15th Apr Ballinhassig Ballinhassig S/E League   Postponed due to wet weather. 
Mon 16th April Tracton Minane Bridge S/E League Win Shamrocks 1-11 Tracton 0-04 
 Fri 20th Apr Kilbree Rossmore, Clonakilty. Co. League Loss Shamrocks 3-11
Kilbree 2-18
Mon Apr 30th   Carrigaline Carrigaline  S/E League  Loss  Carrigaline 2-13
Shamrocks 0-17 
Tue May 29th
S/E League
Kinsale 1-23
Shamrocks 2-19 
TBC  Cloudhduv  Cloch Dubh  Co League   TBC  
Fri 27th July  Kinsale  Minane Bridge Champ R2 Loss Kinsale 1-16 Shamrocks 1-11 
 Wed 8th Aug Ballinhassig  Ballygarvan  Champ R3  Win Shamrocks 3-15 Ballinhassig 3-11
Thurs 23rd Aug   Coursey Rovers Kinsale   Champ S/F  Loss   Shamrocks 0-12 Coursey Rovers 1-15 


U21 B Hurling
Date  Opponents  Venue   Competition   Result  Score
Tues Sept 11th Ballygarvan  Crosshaven Champ S/F Loss Shamrocks 2-11 Ballygarvan 3-17


U21 B Football 
         Date     Opponents         Venue    Competition        Result           Score
Sun 11th Mar  Ballygarvan Crosshaven Champ Loss  
Mon 19th Mar Tracton Carrigaline Champ Loss Shamrocks 2-04 Tracton 2- 07


Minor Hurling, Rebel Óg East B2 – Diarmuid Ó Murchú’s
         Date      Opponents         Venue    Competition        Result           Score
 Sat Apr 28th  Carraig na bhFear  Away  League  Lost Walkover Given 
 Wed Jun 20th  Mayfield  Home  League Won Walkover Received 
 Wed Jun 27th  Raonaithe na nGael  Away  League Lost R na nGael 6-7
Ó  Murchús 1-4
 Wed Jul 4th  Ballinora  Home  League Lost Ballinora 7-19
Ó Murchús 2-2 
 Wed Aug 1st  St Vincents  Away  League  7pm Vincents 2-19
DOM 2-2 
Thurs Aug 9th St Malachys Crosshaven Champ Won Walkover Received
Tue Aug 14th
St Vincents
Crosshaven Champ
Lost St Vincents 8-19
Ó Murchús 0-4
Void Kiltha Óg  Away  League  7pm



Minor Football, Rebel Óg East B1, Diarmuid Ó Murchú’s
Date   Opponents Venue    Competition  Result Score
 Mon Mar 19th  St Colemans  Cloyne  League  Lost St Colmans 1-7
Ó Murchús 0-5 
Sat Apr 14th Aghinagh Away Challenge Lost 
 Sun Jul 22nd  Killeagh Itas  Away  League Lost Killeagh Itas 6-9
O Murchús 3-14
 Wed Jul 25th  Kiltha Óg  Away  League Won Ó Murchús 3-17
Kiltha Óg 3-9
Thurs Aug 30th Blarney TBC Champ Lost Blarney 4-12
Ó Murchús 1-14

Void Fr O’Neills Home League



Under 16 Hurling, Rebel Óg East B2, Diarmuid Ó Murchú’s
Date  Opponents Venue  Competition Result Score
Mon Apr 23th  Mayfield Home  League  Won  Walkover received
Mon Apr 30th  Courcey Rovers Away  League   Lost Courcey Rovers 4-10
Ó Murchú’s 3-7
Wed May 8th Erins Own Crosshaven Challenge Won Ui Mhurchú 6-15
Erins Own 6-8
Mon Jun 18th   Castlelyons Home   League Drew   Ui Mhurchú 2-11
Castlelyons 3-8
Mon Jul 23rd Passage Home League Won Ui Mhurchú 2-13
Passage 2-10
Tues Aug 7th Nemo Rangers Crosshaven Champ/League Won Uí Mhurchú 4-13
Nemo 2-8
Thurs Aug 16th
Castlelyons 4-22
Ui Mhurchu 4-10
Sat Sept 29th St Vincents
Lost St Vincents 7-16
Ó Murchú’s 0-7
Tue Oct 16th
League Semi
Castlelyons 4-19
Ó Murchús 3-13 



U16 Football, Rebel Óg  East B2
Date Opponents Venue Competition   Result Score
St Patricks Day  Tracton  Home  League  Lost  Tracton 5-3
Shamrocks 0-5
Sat Mar 31st  Passage  Away  League  Lost  Passage 3-6
Shamrocks 2-5 
Thurs May 3th Aghinagh Home League Won Shamrocks 6-10
Aghinagh  3-4
Thurs Jul 19th Courcey Rovers  Away  League  Won  Shamrocks 3-9
Courcey Rovers 1-3
Mon Aug 27th Lisgoold Home Champ 7pm Walkover received
Sat Sep 8th
Shamrocks 6-7
Tracton 4-5 
Wed Sept 19th
Raonaithe na nGael
Champ Semi
R na nGael 4-14
Shamrocks 4-11
Sat Sept 22nd
Cill na Martra
Walkover received
Sat Oct 13th
St Vincents
League Semi
 St Vincents 5-9
Shamrocks 3-9



Under 14 Hurling, Rebel Óg East B2
Date  Opponents Venue  Competition Result Score
Thurs Apr 12th  St Vincents  Home  League   Lost St Vincents 6-9
Shamrocks 3-10 
Wed May 23rd Whitescross  Away  League  Lost Whitescross 3-11
Shamrocks 2-5 
Sat Jun 2nd Cloughduv  Home  League  Lost  Cloughduv 7-13
Shamrocks 1-8 
Wed Jun 6th   Lisgoold  Away League  Won Shamrocks 4-7
Lisgoold 3-9 
Thurs Aug 2nd Tracton   Home League  Lost Walkover Given 
Mon Aug 6th Lee Gaels Home League Lost Walkover Given
Thurs Aug 9th Crosshaven Crosshaven Champ/League 7pm Crosshaven 5-10
Shamrocks 5-8
Erins Own



Under 14 Football, Rebel Óg East B2
Date Opponents Venue Competition Result Score
Sat Mar 10th  Tracton  Home  League  Won  Shamrocks 3-8
Tracton 3-1 
Thurs Apr 19th Aghinagh  Home  League  Lost  Aghinagh 5-9
Shamrocks 2-8 
Thurs May 17th Clondrohid   Away League  Won  Shamrocks 5-11
Clondrohid 1-5 
Wed Jun 13th   Cill na Martra Home  League  Won Shamrocks 5-23
Cill na Martra 2-7
Wed Aug 29th  Ballinhassig  Home  League  Lost  Ballinhassig 5-6
Shamrocks 2-10 
Sat Sept 1st Whitescross Whitescross Champ Lost Whitescross 3-12
Shamrocks 3-11



Under 12 C Hurling, Rebel Óg East
Date Opponents Venue Competition Result Score
Fri Apr 13th Kinsale Home League Won Shamrocks 6-7
Kinsale 2-1
Fri Apr 20th  Brian Dillons  Away  League  Lost   Dillons 2-4
Shamrocks 0-8
Fri Apr 27th  Crosshaven  Home  League  Won  Shamrocks 5-4
Crosshaven 5-2
Mon May 21st  Mayfield  Away  League  Lost Mayfield 8-5
Shamrocks 1-1 
Fri May 25th Passage Away League Lost Passage 6-8
Shamrocks 2-6
Mon May 28th  Whitescross  Home  League  Won  Shamrocks 4-1
Whitescross 1-5 
 Thurs Jun 14th Tracton   Home League  Won  Shamrocks 2-4
Tracton 0-5 
Mon Jun 25th Lee Gaels Away League Won Shamrocks 5-4
Lee Gaels 2-6
Fri Jun 29th St Vincents Home League Won Walkover received
Wed Sep 19th
Semi Final
Mayfield 5-5
Shamrocks 3-3



Under 12 Football, Rebel Óg East
Date Opponents Venue Competition Result Score
Wed Mar 28th  St Vincents  Home League  Won  Shamrocks 4-6
Vincents 1-5 
 Sat May 5th Cill na Martra   Home League  Won  Shamrocks 4-6
Cill na Martra 4-5 
Sat May 26th Various Crosshaven John Kerins Qual Qual Played
Fri Jun 1st   Aghinagh Home   League Won Shamrocks 5-18
Aghinagh  2-6 
Mon Jun 4th Whitescross Away League Lost Whitescross 4-11
Shamrocks 3-13
 Fri Jun 8th Tracton  Away  League  Lost Tracton 4-6
Shamrocks 4-4
Mon Jun 11th Lee Gaels Away League Won Shamrocks 1-11
Lee Gaels 1-3
Sat Jun 18th
Whitechurch Páirc Ui Rinn
Sat Aug 18th   Aghada  Home  League Won  Shamrocks 6-8
Macroom 2-5 
Mon Sept 10th Brian Dillons Away League Won Shamrocks 3-11
Brian Dillons 1-6
Mon Sept 167h Ballinhassig Home League Won Shamrocks 9-6
Ballinhassig 4-6
Sun Sept 23rd Macroom Away League Won Shamrocks 2-7
Macroom 2-4
Sun Oct 7th Tracton Home League Semi Won Shamrocks 6-12
Tracton 2-4
Sun Oct 21st
Mayfield Final
Whitescross 1-7
Shamrocks 1-5 



Under 10 and Under 8, Hurling, Rebel Óg East
Date Opponents Venue Competition Result
Sat Apr 7th  Tracton/Grenagh  Away  U10 League  Played 
Sat Apr 7th Various Páirc Ui Chaoimh U8 Blitz Played
Sat Apr 21st   Crosshaven  Away  U10 League Played 
Fri May 11th  St Vincents  Away  U10 League Played 
Wed June 6th  Whitechurch   Home U10 League Played 
Wed Jun 20th  Courcey Rovers Home  U10 League Played 
Thurs Jun 28th  Brian Dillons  Home  U10 League  Played 
Sat Jun 30th   Various Páirc Ui Chaoimh  U8 Blitz  Played 
Sat Aug 25th  Barryroe  Away  U10 League   
Sat Sep 8th
U10 League
Sun Sep 9th
U6 Blitz
Sat Sep 29th
U10 League



Under 10 and Under 8, Football, Rebel Óg East
Date Opponents Venue Competition  Result
Sat Mar 24th  Courcey Rovers  Home  U10 League  Won  
Sat Apr 14th Nemo Rangers Nemo Rangers U10 Blitz Played 
Sat Apr 21st Various U8 Blitz Played
Sat Apr 28th Douglas Home U10 Blitz Played
Sat Apr 28th Various Minane Bridge U8 Blitz Played
Wed May 16th  Whitescross  Home  U10 League  Played 
Sat Jun 9th  Brian Dillons  Away  U10 League  Played
Sat Jun 9th
U8 Blitz
Sat Jun 23rd  Lee Gaels  Away  U10 League  Played
Sat Aug 18th Tracton Home U10 League
Sat Sep 1st Kilshannig Away U10 League
Sat Sep 15th Various Ballygarvan U8 Blitz Played
Sat Sep 22nd Ballinora Away U10 League
Sat Oct 6th
Páirc Ui Chaoimh
U8 Blitz