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Puc Fada – 31/12/17


Long Puck competition results

  • Girls Fe- 15 : 1st – Abbey McLoughlin and 2nd – Chloe McGrath.
  • Female Adults : 1st – Lisa Sisk.
  • Boys Fe-15 : 1st – Seán Andrews and 2nd – Harry Andrews.
  • Boys Fe-18 : 1st – Joseph O`Keeffe and 2nd- James Lynam (after a puck-off)
  • Male over 40 : 1st – Keith Roche and 2nd – Stephen Keane.
  • Male over 50 : 1st – Sammy O`Driscoll and 2nd – Kevin O`Grady.
  • Male Seniors : 1st – Stephen O`Neill and 2nd – Cian O`Neill.

          Many thanks to all the competitors and stewards who assisted on the day. The Club sends New Year good wishes to all its loyal supporters and good friends.  May 2018 be a very happy and successful year for everyone in the Club.

Christmas Draw – December 2017


Confined Members Draw Christmas 2017 held at The Shamrock Bar on December 20th

  1. Deirdre Coveney c|o Kenny Coveney – CLASSICAL HAMPER
  2. Niamh Buckley c|o Kenny Coveney – CLASSICAL HAMPER
  3. Sarah O’Grady FBI Bar
  4. Sammy O’Driscoll
  5. Ruari Mehigan c|o QUE
  6. Dara O’Sullivan
  7. Ciaran Hickey
  8. Hazel O’Flaherty, Loughbeg.
  9. Samanta Lynam
  10. Sean Kidney
  11. Andrew O’Herlihy De Puy
  12. Lucie O’Rourke c|o L. Aherne
  13. Catherine Sisk
  14. Sophie Kent c|o Pat O’Neill
  15. Brian Murphy c|o L. Aherne
  16. Pat O’Neill
  17. Sammy O’Driscoll
  18. James Tobin c|o L. Aherne
  19. Anita Keane, Raffeen
  20. Calum, Ann & Ruby c|o J. O’Neill
  21. Kay Allen
  22. Ronan Murphy
  23. Eleanor Cahill
  24. John Brennan c|o QUE
  25. Con Twomey
  26. Noreen Meehan c|o Shanbally NS
  27. Gino and Nicola c|o FBI Bar
  28. Neally O’Mahony
  29. John Broderick c|o QUE
  30. Audrey O’Driscoll c|o D. Andrews

The Club wishes to thank all the people who supported this Draw and contributed to its success. The Club is also very grateful to all the Ticket Sellers who have again performed magnificently.

Sincere thanks too to all the kind and generous sponsors of prizes.

The Club sends Christmas greetings and New Year good wishes to all its loyal supporters and good friends. May the Christmas season be a very happy one for one and all.

Geraldine Twomey RIP


The Shamrock Hurling & Football Club has lost a wonderful and kind lady whose work and contributions over many years is surely unmatched and her passing has left a huge void that maybe impossible to fill.


Geraldine knew only one measure and that was 100%, week in week out, and year in and year out. Her kind heart and endearing spirit saw her at the forefront doing only good, giving, helping, supporting and ensuring that her effort made life somewhat better for one and all. Geraldine was as long standing member of the Club’s Lotto Committee and every Monday night without fail she would be in attendance for the weekly draw. It is easy for anyone to attend, but Geraldine would have a bag full of sold tickets, and she, without question, provided the main thrust for the success for the draw. Her endearing personality and popularity enabled her to get sales where the rest of us would fail. She was always in great spirits and many a time she gave us all a lift when we were low.


The Saturday morning Under Age Academy has been a marked success for our Club over many years since it first started. We are very fortunate to have a fine group of very dedicated Coaches who do excellent work. But where does Geraldine fit in here? Geraldine had her own special place, running the Club’s kitchen. This was a very happy and pleasant venue for both Parents and Children alike. Tea and Coffee were on the go all morning for parents and visitors. Then when a child might get a knock or al bump they would be brought straight to Geraldine for treatment. She had the best anti biotic in Shanbally, a jar of lolly pops. When the jar was produced from under the counter, tears turned to smiles and pain disappeared. It is only Geraldine could do this. She got her pleasure and her satisfaction in life by giving and helping. This is without doubt a lasting and formidable legacy for this special lady.


Geraldine Twomey, had a big heart, a heart of gold. She epitomised the best of her Christianity, her greatest goal in life was helping and doing good for others. When fundraisers were wanted for deserving causes and charities, she would be to the fore and always make a very telling contribution. Sadly some of the best are taken from us but her passage through life has left an indelible mark never to be erased,


May her gentle soul rest in peace agus ar dheis De go raibh a h-Anam dilis.


Deepest and heart felt sympathy is extended to her husband John, the Club’s esteemed Under Age Chairman, her daughter Aileen, sons Steven and Roy, her sisters Margaret and Deirdre and bother Craig and extended family

Oratory Ringaskiddy



Countless thousands of daily commuters, who travel through Ringaskiddy Village on the southern shores of Lower Cork Harbour, pass by and perhaps slow down outside this unique little Church. Its mere simplicity makes it attractive and it has stood the test of time.


The building was originally a Village hall and built in the latter part of the nineteenth century. It became a League of the Cross Hall about 1886. This organisation was a Temperance society a follow on from the Fr. Matthew Temperance Movement. Records show that many attractive concerts were held there and one held on February 5th 1907 was fully covered by the Cork Examiner. The Gaelic League held meetings there around that time too, promoting the Irish language. There still exists a copy of a Ticket for a function held there in March 1883. It reads “RINGASKIDDY BALL AND SOIRRE, Saturday March 17th 1883, Tickets 4|- each, commencing at 9pm, D.B. O’Flynn Hon. Sec.”


In and around 1916 it was decided by the local people to convert the hall into a little church. Ringaskiddy people had to walk to Shanbally for weekly and daily Mass. It was very basic and simple then but in 1923 it was extended. All the woodwork and seating was made by local shipwrights who worked for Palmer Bros. on nearby Parmer’s Island. (Now the Ferry Terminal) Most of the wood used was pitch pine. One key figure involved in the work was a retired British Navy man, William James. He constructed pillars which were on each side of the entrance door.


He made a statue, from concrete, depicting Christ the King, located on the left side of the entrance door. On close examination, Christ sports a pointed Navy beard and had a pair of booths instead of sandals. Of Course the Artist was a navy man. Around 1930 a bell was added to the Church and located above the front door. This is no ordinary bell. It was the Ship’s bell belonging to the White Star Liner THE CELTIC, which hit the rocks and went aground at the entrance of Cork Harbour in 1928. Palmer Brothers of Ringaskiddy were agents for the White Star Line and they presented the bell. William James made the little belfry for the bell and it still stands to this day. In the 1950’s Matt Twomey made a little cross which is mounted on top of the belfry.


Over the years most of the maintenance work was carried by the local people. They cleaned, painted and carried out other repairs. In the late 1990’some more work was done including the installation of a new wooden Altar which became the centrepiece of the church. It was made from a cross section of a 250 year old Sweet Chestnut Tree located in local Coolmore wood. The tree had been felled in the 1950’s and little did anyone know that what remained would become a work of art nearly fifty years later. Local man, the late Martin O’Donoghue, a gifted woodworker, produced this inspirational piece of work. Other decorative woods including Elm and spalted beech were crafted by the same man too.


Throughout the years it has been hugely popular with visitors and many a person found a few solitary minutes within this little special place to relax, wind down and reflect. A very simple and beautiful religious effigy hangs on the wall within. It was sent from Naples, Italy to The Oratory by an Italian Sea Captain. The message on the rear states that he treasured the times he visited this church when his Ship docked in Ringaskiddy. Interestingly many of the Sunday mass goers come from outside the parish. It obviously has a special attraction for them.


Just a few years ago a major refurbishment was carried out. There were many serious defects in the walls and roof and the huge volumes of traffic on the road outside were having an effect too. A group of local Ringaskiddy people along with Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Sean O’Sullivan set about the task. A preservation order was placed on the building, so there were very strict controls and conditions laid out to ensure that all the wonderful old artefacts would be preserved and maintained. There was a small extension to the church with a new side room as well. It was a job well done and there are statues of many of the old favourite saints fully restored and back in their own little settings. When the church was re-opened there was only a debt of €1900 outstanding and the following week a local coffee morning cleared that figure.


The generosity of the local people towards the building fund ensured that their own little holy place would be preserved for generations to come.


In 2009 Frances Twomey and Tony McGettigan produced a splendid book entitled “ Lovely flows the Lee” outlining the journey of the River Lee from where it rises near Gougane Barra and flowing into Cork Harbour near Ringaskiddy. The final chapter features The Oratory and they described it ”as a sacred and peaceful place, near but afar from the hurly burly world.”