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MFL V Lisgoold – 1/3


Lisgoold 5-6, Shamrocks 2-7


Lisgoold finished with an unanswered 2-2 in the last 3 minutes to claim the league points in their “home” game against Shamrocks in Shanbally on Sunday morning. Lisgoolds pitch is closed at the moment as they develop their dressing rooms so they are playing all their home games away, just like their u14’s yesterday and their u12’s next Saturday.


For such a talented group of Shamrocks players, this display can only be described as extremely disappointing. The amount of errors made was almost off the charts – numerous sloppy kick and hand passes, slipping, falling, loose control of the ball, soloing into cover, black cards, wrong options, sliced free kicks, bad passes and a single minded determination to try to walk the ball into the Lisgoold net, resulting in the Lisgoold defence being able to get back and get their bodies, hands, whatever in the way. It was hard to watch at times from a Shamrocks viewpoint and the management were extremely frustrated by the end.


The underfoot conditions were tough and the very strong wind, as it so often does in Shanbally’s bottom pitch at this time of year, blew right down across the pitch making playing conditions hard for both teams. Lisgoold went ahead early on with a goal and a point but Shamrocks started to get on top and controlled possession totally up to half time but numerous attempts at walking the ball into the Lisgoold net went abegging. David Andrews did score a Shamrocks goal and Andrew O’Grady scored some nice frees into the teeth of the wind but while Shamrocks should have been ahead at the break due to all their possession, they faced the second half full of hope because they were now playing down the hill. HT Lisgoold led 2-2 to 1-4.


One sensed that it was only a matter of time before Shamrocks went in front and pulled away and 8 minutes in, David Andrews put Shamrocks 4 points up with his second goal after good work from Andrew O’Grady. This should have been the catalyst for Shamrocks to kick in but things went badly wrong from this point. Some calamitous Shamrocks passing in defence was punished by Lisgoold and they were right back in it with a gift of a goal. The next 12 minutes were scoreless as more Shamrocks attacked broke down in front of goal. Shamrocks kicked a vital point from Brendan Crowley to settle them down a bit and they led by 2 points again with 10 minutes to go.


But Lisgoold started to get on top and pressed for the last period of the game and were rewarded with 2 monster points to draw level. The Shamrocks challenge had collapsed by this point and it was no surprise to see Lisgoold go ahead with a goal with 2 minutes to. They added another goal and a point as the Shamrocks lads were out on their feet. So, a most disappointing start to the season for Shamrocks.


Team: C. Corkery, S. Kelleher, C. O’Grady, C. Hayes, S. Kidney, C. Scriven, D. Scriven, E. Desmond, D. Andrews, A. O’Grady, B. Crowley, K. Murphy, R. Meighan, M. Fleming, S. Flavin, C. Hayes.

JAFL V Tracton – 28/2


Tracton 2-7, Shamrocks 0-7


Tracton took the league points on offer to inflict Shamrocks second defeat in a row in the league this season. They say that goals win matches and Tracton’s two recorded against the wind in the opening half gave them the foundation to grind out a victory at Minane Bridge where the strong wind and persistent rain made conditions unsuitable for good football.


Shamrocks, aided by the elements got a great start when Joseph Shanahan kicked a great point from the centre of the pitch. He added two more points and Shamrocks led 0-4 to 0-1. Then Tracton got their two goals, one from play and the other from a well struck penalty. Shamrock’s game seemed to descend into mediocrity thereafter and despite plenty of possession most initiatives came unstuck. Two goal chances went a begging in the last quarter and Shamrocks were denied a very legitimate penalty claim when the Tracton full back picked the ball clean from the ground in the small square.


Overall the result was a disappointing one and this game should have been won by the team selected to play. Scorers: J. Shanahan 0-4, R. Twomey 0-1,
R. Harrington 0-1 and M. Prout 0-1.

U12 Football Challenge V Crosshaven – 28/2

Shamrocks and Crosshaven played out a very worthwhile challenge game in Crosshaven on Saturday afternoon. With both teams staring their leagues next weekend, it was a perfect opportunity for the lads to dust off the cobwebs after the winter playing break.


Both teams were short a number of players due to various reasons; in Shamrocks case, the U14’s were playing the same afternoon so 2 players were called up to that. Despite this, it was fantastic to see 17 enthusiastic players willing and ready to play for Shamrocks on a bitterly windy and wet afternoon in Camden. This bodes well for our players numbers for the season ahead because if you have proper numbers, you can plan properly and do anything from  a coaching point of view.


All players, from 9 year olds up to 12 year old played the full match and got in plenty of practice. It was great to see some new faces and returning ones as well. The game as you can imagine in the conditions was low scoring and finished in a 2-2 to 2-0 win for the home side; Ferdia Hayes and Shane Darcy with the Shamrocks goals. The management team of Pa Andrews and Stephen Keane (assisted by Seamus O’Flynn from the U10’s) were very happy with the Shamrocks lads afterwards.


Training continues on Wednesday afternoons.

U14 FL V Lisgoold – 28/2


Shamrocks 4-6, Lisgoold 4-4


A really tight game in Shanbally in the first game of the year and Shamrocks just about hung on for the league points. Conditions were tough out there and the players found handling the wet and muddy ball difficult at time. Lisgoold were a bigger, more physical team and led by 2-4 t0 2-2 at half time having played down the hill with the strong wind mainly at their backs. Billy Hughes was among the Shamrocks goal scorers in that half.


Shamrocks found themselves 4 points down 10 minutes into the second half as Lisgoold put up some great resistance but they eventually got the necessary scores to swing that 4 point deficit to a 4 point lead. Seán Andrews, now operating in the forwards, scored 2 goals and Dylan O’Flaherty kicked some important points. Shamrocks led by 4 points into the last few minutes; however Lisgoold went up the field and scored a goal to bring the lead back to one. Shamrocks didn’t panic and Dylan O’Flaherty kicked the insurance point with time almost up.


Well done to our 2 new players who made their Shamrocks debut today – Andrew Egan at wing back and Ronan Connolly at wing forward. They made handsome contributions to the win and can only get better as they play more. The lads will train with the U16’s on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm.


Team: C. O’Flaherty, D. Gregson, A. Egan, E. Seymour, J. Sisk, C. Hourihan, S. Andrews, H. Andrews, D. O’Flaherty, L. O’Driscoll, S. Geary, R. Connolly, R. Van Pelt, B. Hughes.

U21 BFC V Ballymartle – 22/2

Ballymartle 4-12, Shamrocks 3-4


Shamrocks made their first appearance in the u21 grade championship in 3 years against Ballymartle on Sunday morning in Ballygarvan but it was not to be a winning one. Shamrocks were no match for a strong, skilful and crafty Ballymartle team who were in control for almost the entire match. A lot of this team were playing their first ever adult match and it was a wake up call for them in many ways. Eight minors made up the starting thirteen (13 a side) and only one player will be overage next year but there is no getting away from the fact that this was a lesson.


Ballymartle started way stronger and made the Shamrocks keeper, Criostóir Corkery (a great performance overall) the busiest player on the field. They continually exploited the Shamrocks defence in the first 20 minutes, a defence that was all at sea at times. They sauntered up the middle and scored 2 fast goals early on along with 4 points before Shamrocks knew what had hit them. Shamrocks regrouped somewhat but saw some scoring chances go abegging while Bally, after being reduced to 12 men, went up the field again and added on another 1-2 before Andrew O’Grady got Shamrocks one and only score of the first half from play. Half time score read Ballymartle 4-6, Shamrocks 0-1.


Some changes were made at half time to try and exploit the extra man and get back in the game but Ballymartle had other ideas and won the second half throw in, ran straight up the middle and stuck the ball in the back of the Shamrocks net again. 4-6 to 0-1 and the game was good as over.


Aonghus Boland did score a Shamrocks goal to give some hope and shortly afterwards Ballymartle were down to 11 men after one of their players received a second yellow card. There 20 minutes left and Shamrocks had some flicker of light. Coby O’Grady also added a goal from the right wing but unfortunately Ballymartle were far too smart and played clever, controlled football over the last while and were in fact the better team, adding on a good few points. Andrew O’Grady scored a consolation goal for Shamrocks from a late (dubious) penalty.


And so, Ballymartle move on to the semi final while Shamrocks u21 football season is over until 2016. Our thanks to the players and to the management team of junior players Colin Brady and Johnathan Tuohy who cut their teeth at this level for the first time. The 21’s are entered in the hurling championship later in the year so hopefully they’ll do better there.


Team: C. Corkery, C. Scriven, C. O’Grady, C. Hayes, S. Kidney, J. Raleigh, D. Scriven, A. O’Grady, R. Horgan, D. Andrews, L. Garvan, R. Twomey, A. Boland. Subs used – B. Crowley, K. Murphy, S. Kelleher, E. Desmond.

U16 FL V Whitescross – 21/2


Whitescross 9-5, Shamrocks 2-3


On Saturday last our under 16’s took to the pitch for the first time in the 2015 season. With the majority of last years double county finalists overage, the task this year is to solidify the gains made by them with a relatively new team. Six of last years starters form the backbone of a young team (only three could start last weekend). To this we have added four young lads who have played soccer for Carrigaline and a wealth of young talent from our under fourteen squad. A mixed bunch indeed.


Our first game was against Whitescross, a strong opponent of ours over the last few years at all levels. Last Saturday proved no different. With a team of players at the age limit, the physical difference was immediately evident. Though Shane Flavin played outstanding in goal pulling off many courageous saves, the continuous wave of attack after attack did not leave him with much chance.


While we lost the match  9-5 to 2-3, I was able to take some knowledge from it. Our new full back Nikita Ziguruv played well covering a lot of ground and will do well with a solid partner. Evan Seymour worked very hard but had to be replaced because of a recurring injury. Daniel O’Mahony played well against a physically bigger opponent and gave as good as he got. Jody Sisk settled better in the second half after being moved to the half back position. James Lynam covered a lot of ground in midfield, a roll new to him and was unlucky with some frees early on. Cillian Hayes played a solid  match for us picking up most of the scores. His tireless energy covering ground to get the ball was exemplary. Dylan O’Flaherty was punching way above his weight level out there, but his talent was very evident and shone through on many occasions. Thanks to Rory Mehigan who made special effort to get back for the match as early as he could from a pitch and putt contest for the Cork County team. From his inclusion at half time he made a big impact, putting in hard tackles where we had, up to then not contested. Cillian O’Mahony also a late arrival came on in the second half as did Luke O’Driscoll and Robert Van Pelt and Sam Geary, giving all 17 players a game (12 a side). They replaced James O Callaghan, Josh Lenihan and Sean O Farrell, three young men who played a good game for their duration on the pitch.


To quote a famous coach, ”it’s only a butt kicking if you don’t learn from it, if you do it’s just a lesson”. We can take lessons  from Saturday, not least of which is that we now know how much work we have to do. We know we need to get a goalkeeper, because Shane, though outstanding, is wasted in there. We need to get all of our players fit and playing and we need to help our young and new players step up to fill the big boots left by last years team.  


Do I think they can do it?  A resounding YES!


JAFL V Belgooly – 14/2


Belgooly 3-10, Shamrocks 2-10


Belgooly deservedly took the league points in Shanbally on Saturday afternoon after this 3 point win over Shamrocks. It was the first game of the year for both teams and it was typical stuff from both teams as they gear up for the season with some spilled loose ball and sloppy passes all over the place.


A strong second half from Belgooly when playing up against the hill made the difference here. They were never led. The teams were level 1-1 apiece after 10 minutes after Darragh Scriven scored a well worked Shamrocks goal in response to a gift to Belgooly at the other end. He also added another point as Belgooly led 1-3 to 1-2 at half time.


The second half saw a scrappy opening period better Belgooly scored 2 quick goals to effectively end the game. They led by 3-9 to 1-6 before Shamrocks finished with a goal from David Hayes and some nice points from Cannice Caffrey, Brian Sweeney, Barry Mulqueen and Seanán Collins among others. But time ran out in the end on the Shamrocks response. Training continues on Monday and Wednesday at 7.30pm.


Team: F. O’Neill, C. Kidney, R. Harrington, C. O’Grady, S. Andrews, M. Prout, J. Browne, A. McCarthy, B. Mulqueen, A. Boland, D. Scriven, R. Twomey, J. Wilson, S. Collins, D. O’Sullivan. Subs used – D. Hayes, C. Caffrey, B. Sweeney, R. Murphy, S. Kidney.

Darts Marathon


The Juvenile section of the club ran a very successful fund raising Dart Marathon in the Shamrock Bar last Saturday. A lot of effort was involved in organising this event. The day started at 2pm when John Twomey, Jason Kavanagh and Sammy O’Driscoll  members of the successful Shamrock Bar Dart team started the days events. Howard Crowdy was on hand to get the photos taken early. The lads were then joined along the way by Cork County Youth Players Mattie Field and Cian Forde. Some more players then joined in to make it a very enjoyable evening. Great credit must go to the parents who turned up and provided us with some lovely food. Our local photographer Frank Van Pelt then made sure that the lads were all captured on camera as he paid us a visit. Our minors then took to the Oche at 8pm to show off their darting skills. The competitive edge was evident for all to see. Some of the younger players from the ladies football teams had their own competitions on the second board. It was then open to the general public and this proved to be a huge success when competitions were held for the Gents highest score, the Ladies highest score, the gents lowest score and also the ladies lowest score. This proved to be great fun. Some players really caught the eye and no doubt the Dart committee of the Shamrock Bar will be making contact in the near future. The winners of all the grades received some lovely prizes. A raffle was then held and some more excellent prizes were on hand for the lucky winners. The evening then finished off in style when the DJ had everyone out dancing on the floor. The young and old all got involved.


The club would like to say special thanks to the organising committee for running this event, to the parents who donated the refreshments, to the sponsors of all the excellent spot prizes, to those that sold sponsor cards and to Mark Hickey and his staff of the Shamrock Bar. A fund raising committee is now in place for the juvenile section of the club and we will be arranging another event before Easter. More details of this will be available shortly.
Members of the Shamrock Bar Darts Team: Sammy O'Driscoll, John Twomey (Ring) and Jason Kavanagh at our Darts Marathon in the Shamrock Bar, 7/2/15

Members of the Shamrock Bar Darts Team: Sammy O’Driscoll, John Twomey (Ring) and Jason Kavanagh at our Darts Marathon in the Shamrock Bar, 7/2/15