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U16 HL V Dripsey – 29/4

Shamrocks 6-7, Dripsey 3-9


We played Dripsey on Monday evening in our last game before the exams break, you could see the lads were fired up for this match as during the warm up and drills their first touch was perfect.


In the first few minutes we had two great chances for goals but failed to capitalise on them and it was six minutes before we opened the scoring with a point and followed up with a goal; we played some great hurling as the lads contested every ball and chased and harried the Dripsey players to never let them settle into the game; the halftime score was Shamrocks 2-05, Dripsey 0-08, with five of Dripseys points coming from frees taken by their midfielder.


After the break Dipsey got two points from play but this did not bother the lads as they continued to play their passing game and got two goals (one from a penalty) to stretch their lead; Dripsey at this stage moved their midfielder up to the half forward line and brought on three subs to try and stop the lads and though Dripsey did score 3-01 with this move Shamrocks scored another 2-02 to run out winners on a final score line of 6-07 to 3-09. It was a pleasure to see the lads play such skillful hurling and for all the half forwards and full forwards to get on the score sheet.

The team was Cormac Scriven, Seán Kidney, Shane Kelleher, David Barry, Coby O’ Grady, Nathan Hayes, Darragh Scriven, Mark Hitchmough, Tom Murphy, David Andrews, Andrew O’ Grady and Christopher Hayes The subs were Killian Murphy, Joseph O’ Keeffe and Brendan Crowley.

U10 FL V Courcey Rovers – 28/4

Shamrocks 5-5, Courcies 2-6


Shamrocks and Courcey Rovers got the ball rolling in the under 10 league season and it was the home side who came out on top in Shanbally on Sunday afternoon. It was Shamrocks dominance in the first half, when playing up the hill against the breeze that laid the proper foundations for this merited win. They scored 3 goals in that time and led 3-1 to 0-2 at half time.


Courcey Rovers made a fight of it in the second half and indeed had the lead down to 2 points at one stage. However, Shamrocks burst forward and finished out the game in style to wrap up the win with a very fast 2-2 scored mainly from Fionn Herlihy and Harry Andrews.


All players played their part (on both sides) and mentors Seamus O’Flynn and Richard Murphy were happy with the hours work after the game. There is something refreshing about watching a game at this level. Defensive tactics or getting a grip around the middle are alien concepts to these youngsters who just want to go out and play, have fun and win if possible. They have a few more games coming up over the summer, the next one is hurling on May 11th.


Panel on duty – Michael Foy, Fionn Herlihy, Colin Murphy, Mark Sisk, Eoin O’Flynn, Declan Carroll, Harry Andrews, Fionn Meighan, Derry Howard, Jack O’Leary, Darragh O’Brien, Josh Bartlett.




Shamrocks squad V Courcey Rovers, 28/4/13. Back row, left to right - Fionn Meighan, Harry Andrews, Josh Bartlett, Fionn Herlihy, Derry Howard, Mark Sisk. Front, l to r: Eoin O'Flynn, Declan Carroll, Colin Murphy, Michael Foy, Darragh O'Brien, Jack O'Leary.

Shamrocks squad V Courcey Rovers, 28/4/13. Back row, left to right – Fionn Meighan, Harry Andrews, Josh Bartlett, Fionn Herlihy, Derry Howard, Mark Sisk.
Front, l to r: Eoin O’Flynn, Declan Carroll, Colin Murphy, Michael Foy, Darragh O’Brien, Jack O’Leary.

U12 Hurling Challenge – 26/4


Shamrocks played Crosshaven’s u13 team in Camden on Friday evening in a challenge. The idea is to get as many games as possible for the players, both hurling and football, before the year is out. The target is 8 each so they get exposure to game situations as much as possible. Thats key with this group.


It was a very worthwhile exercise indeed and the mentors were very happy afterwards. What they sought and got was a good hard but close game of hurling to hopefully bring on the lads. And it was obvious that some of them have been improving in the last month. The emphasis in that time has been on the small ball and it needs to be, both on the training pitch and at home. Otherwise, they wont improve and by the age of Minor, they wont be able to even hit the ball and compete with the other clubs who are practising like mad no doubt.


The scorline was not relevant on this occasion; all the lads had fun, the weather stayed dry and we hope to invite Crosshaven down to Shanbally in the next month or so. Meanwhile, the emphasis for the u12’s switches to football next wWdnesday. We really need everyone available for our games as numbers are tight. This includes the 4/5 who said they’d be there on Friday but werent. We need your support.


Panel on duty: Dylan O’Flaherty, Mark Sisk, Fionn Herlihy, Evan Seymour, Seán Andrews, Harry Andrews, Luke O’Driscoll, Shane Downey, Dylan Gregson, Robert Van Pelt.




Evan Seymour and Harry Andrews battle for possession

Evan Seymour and Harry Andrews battle for possession



MHL V Ballygarvan – 25/4

Ballygarvan 3-8, Shamrocks 1-7


Once again the young men that entered the fray tonight against Ballygarvan have done themselves proud. Yes they were beaten, but once I see fight in a team up to the final whistle and players come to the sideline looking exhausted, I know they have done all that any mentor will expect. They have given their all.


Ballygarvan were older and bigger but this minor squad of ours have in some cases four years of minor left. Lead by the elders Seán O’Brien, Luke Garvan and Brian Coffin, who gave of their all, as usual, the younger players rose to the grade again. D Scriven was once again outstanding in mid field. At only fourteen A O Grady only missed one point from frees contributing a massive 1-5 of the team tally. All of these from frees won by the hard work of his team mates.


Once again a big thank you to the parents that drove and to the mentors on the line. This observer was once again proud of a Shamrock teams display.


Next week the minor hurlers play Grenagh another tough test.


U14 HL V Ballinora – 24/4

Ballinora 7-10, Shamrocks 1-7


Forget the scoreline. With all the struggles with numbers and walkovers that this u14 bunch have had to endure so far this year, it was refreshing to see the lads finally take the field with the required amount of players on Wednesday evening.


Some of the players have been mad keen to just get on with the games in a Shamrocks jersey for the past while and this finally came to pass here. It was basically their first game of hurling in 2 years. The management team of John Herlihy, Tim Hayes and Noel Murphy were adamant that they would get a team on the field and get the lads as much exposure to live hurling as possible so well done to them.


The game itself was enjoyable and despite the scoreline, Shamrocks held themselves well at times. Ballinora had 4 goals on the board inside 15 minutes and led 4-4 to 0-4 at half time, with the Shamrocks scores coming from Joseph O’Keeffe and James Lynam. The Ballinora keeper was very solid inside and thwarted a few Shamrocks goal attempts as well, despite some good efforts from Cillian Hayes and David O’Sullivan (picking up the Camán for the first time in a long time – long may it continue as he has potential)


The lads battled long and hard right until the end – with a few more games and training and the most important of all – playing at home, on the street etc in their spare time – they can become competitive on the scoreboard, as some of the players who tend to have hurleys in their hands more than the others can more then hold their own in this league. For instance, Ruairí Meighan at full back was simply outstanding and was clearing ball off left and right throughout. Joseph O’Keeffe got the Shamrocks goal.


Their next game is a football game at home to Grenagh next Thursday (May 2nd).


Panel on duty: Evan Seymour, Shane Downey, Ruairí Meighan, Cillian O’Mahony, James Lynam, Dylan O’Flaherty, Joseph O’Keeffe, Cillian Hayes, Shane Flavin, Keith O’Donoghue-Howe, David O’Sullivan, Sam Geary.


JAFC V Tracton 21/4

Tracton 2-15, Shamrocks 0-7


Shamrocks enter the back door route in their quest for the SE football championship after being crushed by Tracton on Sunday night in Carrigaline. They simply had no answer to Tracton who at times played scintillating football that would have troubled even the best sides in the county.


The game started off at a blistering pace and the scores came thick and fast from both sides. Shamrocks played with the breeze in the first half and both teams scored some wonderful early points from distance to leave the score at 0-3 to 0-3 after 10 minutes. The Shamrocks players to score were Philip Brady, Michael Prout, and Cannice Caffrey (with Darragh O’Sulivan later on in the half). Shamrocks really needed to kick on at this juncture if they were to have enough of a cushion for the second half playing against the elements. However, from there to the half time whistle, the contrast in what both teams did in front of the posts could not have been greater. Shamrocks wasted numerous chances between wides, passes going across the goal and astary and dropped balls. Meanwhile, Tracton were extremely economical with their possession and scored with practically every attack they had, including their well worked goal midway through the half which gave them a nice cushion to drive on and grab the rest of the half by the scruff of the neck. They completely dominated the final 10 minutes of the half to open up a 6 point half time lead, 1-8 to 0-5 and only the extremely optimistic of Shamrocks supporters held out any hope of a turn about.


Well that hope lasted 5 minutes of the second half. Tracton had opened up with a point before Shamrocks gave themselves some hope with Alan McCarthys and Philip Bradys excellently worked points. (Their last score of the game). However, from the kick out, Tracton worked the ball up the pitch, played the overlap to perfection and their full forward buried the ball and the game in the back of captain Fergus O’Neills net. That had the lead at 9 points and increasing.


The final 25 minutes were just academic. Tracton did as they pleased and Shamrocks were chasing shadows. Shamrocks needed a miracle, even one goal but alas on this occasion, they were unable to create even a sniff of a goal. The game limped to its inevitable conclusion with Tracton tagging on point after point to rub it in big style.


Shamrocks play Carrigaline in the back door on May 12th.


Team: F. O’Neill, J. Tuohy, C. Brady, D. Hayes, M. Prout, R. Harrington, M. O’Neill, C. Hartigan, A. McCarthy, P. Brady, E. O’Mahony, C. Caffrey, S. Collins, B. Sweeney, D. O’Sullivan. Subs used – C. Kidney, S. Andrews, S. O’Neill. Unused – D. O’Neill, J. Browne, J. Brady, J. Wilson, S. Downey, S. Keane, B. Cusack.


Shamrocks Panel V Tracton, 21/4/13. Back Row, l to r: Dave O'Neill, Cathal Kidney, Jack Wilson, Alan McCarthy, Stephen O'Neill, Brian Sweeney, Ciarán Hartigan, Colin Brady, Seanán Collins, Darragh O'Sullivan, Michael O'Neill, Philip Brady, Steven Downey, Joey Brady, Stephen Keane. Front, l to r: Jason Browne, Brian Cusack, Cannice Caffrey, Fergus O'Neill, Eoin O'Mahony, Jonathan Tuohy, Michael Prout, David Hayes, Robbie Harrington, Senan Andrews.

Shamrocks Panel V Tracton, 21/4/13.
Back Row, l to r: Dave O’Neill, Cathal Kidney, Jack Wilson, Alan McCarthy, Stephen O’Neill, Brian Sweeney, Ciarán Hartigan, Colin Brady, Seanán Collins, Darragh O’Sullivan, Michael O’Neill, Philip Brady, Steven Downey, Joey Brady, Stephen Keane.
Front, l to r: Jason Browne, Brian Cusack, Cannice Caffrey, Fergus O’Neill, Eoin O’Mahony, Jonathan Tuohy, Michael Prout, David Hayes, Robbie Harrington, Senan Andrews.



MFL V Whitescross – 20/4


Whitescross 4-6, Shamrocks 2-10


At the end of a well disciplined, physical encounter, with a much older minor team from Whitescross, our young charges can once again hold their heads high, even though in defeat. In a match where the final score would initially lead you to think it was one sided, those present will tell you otherwise. A heroic effort by all involved from start to finish, where in the end superior fitness levels won out.


The wet and heavy ground played tricks with the bouncing (or not) ball and turning was difficult, but that was true for both teams. If any benefit was gained by the home team winning the toss it was with the wind in the second half. But! No excuses here the team put in a mighty effort and though “no cigars” this week, this observer was happy to tell all of the team to walk off the pitch knowing they had done themselves, their jersey, their club and community proud.


A thank you also to those who volunteered to drive the team to the match without your help we are in trouble.


Team :  R. Horgan, S. Kidney, S. Kelleher, D. Scriven, C. O’ Grady, D. O Leary, S. O Brien, M. Leeson, B. Coffin,  A. O’ Sullivan, M. Hitchmough, B Crowley, L Garvan.
Subs :  D. Andrews, A O Grady.

U10 Football Blitz – 20/4

Shamrocks U10 footballers  were invited to a Blitz in Whitechurch on Saturday morning April 20th.


Our  lads played 3 matches against Whitescross, Whitechurch and Carraig Na bhFear. Each match was 20 minutes – ten minutes a side so all the lads had plenty of game time. Shamrocks more than held their own in the 3 games and coped very well against  strong opposition especially the home side Whitechurch.


This was a very worthwhile experience and its very encouraging to see this talented bunch of players turn up so early (they left
Shanbally at 9.15am!). Thanks also to the parents for the help on the day. Resources need to be put into these lads as they are the future of the club.


Players on duty were  Colin Murphy, Fionn Herlihy, Mark Sisk, Declan Carroll, Michael Foy, Seán Andrews, Cian O’ Flaherty, Derry Howard, Fionn Mehigan, Daniel O Brien, Harry Andrews, Adam Maye and Eoin O ‘Flynn.


The u10 panel who won 3/3 in Whitechurch in the first football blitz of the year.

The u10 panel who won 3/3 in Whitechurch in the first football blitz of the year.



U12 HL V Dripsey – 20/4

Dripsey 4-6, Shamrocks 1-2


Dripsey and Shamrocks played out an entertaining game in Shanbally on Friday evening with the Dripsey side winning comfortably. Shamrocks are very tight on numbers at this age group (in hurling anyway) and on this occasion, they had 3 missing; therefore had to borrow a player from Dripsey to make up the 11 players required at this age level.


The lads started slowly and Dripsey dominated the first half really. They had one excellent player at midfield who basically scored everything and the lads were finding it hard to stop him running up the middle and scoring at will. Evan Seymour in the Shamrocks goal made some outstanding stops in the Shamrocks goal. However, some of our young lads will have to realise that the ball remains in play on the rebound as two excellent saves were gobbled up by the same player totally on his own and blasted home for goals. The half time score was 2-5 to 0-0 for Dripsey.


The Shamrocks players got more stuck in the second half and played a lot better. Dylan O’Flaherty scored a much deserved goal after some goal mouth scrambles had returned nothing while Harry Andrews tagged on a few points.


The lads have a lot, a lot of hurling work ahead of them. And the majority of it NEEDS to be done at home, against the wall with a tennis ball. The mentors are going to try and get a few more games organised in the next week or so. In the meantime, hurling training on Wednesday at the usual time of 6pm.


Panel on duty – E. Seymour, L. O’Driscoll, J. Sisk, M. Sisk, S. Andrews, D. O’Flaherty, C. O’Flaherty, H. Andrews, R. Van Pelt, S. Donegana.



Shamrocks U12 V Dripsey in Shanbally, 19/4/13. Back Row, l to r: Harry Andrews, Evan Seymour, Sean Andrews, Dylan O'Flaherty, Jody Sisk. Front, l to r: Shane Donegana, Robert Van Pelt, Cian O'Flaherty, Luke O'Driscoll, Mark Sisk.

Shamrocks U12 V Dripsey in Shanbally, 19/4/13. Back Row, l to r: Harry Andrews, Evan Seymour, Sean Andrews, Dylan O’Flaherty, Jody Sisk. Front, l to r: Shane Donegana, Robert Van Pelt, Cian O’Flaherty, Luke O’Driscoll, Mark Sisk.

U16 HL V Lisgoold – 15/4

Lisgoold 4-6, Shamrocks 1-5


The under 16 hurlers played Lisgoold on Monday night at home in Shanbally in shocking weather conditions. 


The lads started brightly but Lisgoold scored a goal against the run of play and a few minutes later got a second goal; the lads hurled on and scored 1-1 from play only to see Lisgoold score another goal and two points; as we approached half time, we got another point to go in at the break behind on a scoreline of 1-02 to 3-02. 


As the second half began the weather disimproved even more, both sides battled on but we gave away a few frees which Lisgoold capitalised on and got three points from play. We got two more points but missed a few goal chances ourselves and in the last few minutes. Lisgoold scored another 1-01 to run out winners on a score line of 1-05 to 4-06. 


The team on the night was K. Murphy, S. Kidney, S. Kelleher, C. Scriven, C O’Grady, D. Barry, D. Scriven, D. Andrews, N. Hayes, B. Crowley, M. Hitchmough, and C.Hayes. Subs used were A. O’Grady and J. O’Keeffe.